1. Jake Bugg at the Metro tonight!

    After my friend stood outside from noon until doors opening (with me jumping in mid-afternoon with rations from McDonalds) we got front and center. Just how I like it—especially at a Jake Bugg show, where I could fully focus on him (and making eye contact…what?) instead of being distracted by annoying fans. 

    The opener, HoneyHoney was absolutely incredible and too adorable. The guy playing the drums/guitar simultaneously always had these crazy grins on his face, the lead singer bounced back and forth between playing a fiddle and banjo, and the other guitarist wore a plaid shirt and actual cowboy hat. Love. Definitely a band to give a listen. 

    Such an amazing show. Thanks to a sign I made before the show, we had “Someone Told Me” sang/dedicated to us. And as embarrassed as I was, it is my favorite Jake Bugg song and I’m so glad he sang it. It was like our little moment with Jake, and it was so special.  It’s also the song he subtly dedicated to us at his small gig at the Gingerman Tavern last year. This time around, since it wasn’t on his usual setlist, he couldn’t even remember the lyrics…but it was my friend’s birthday gift and we were completely reduced to giggling girls. 

    He is such an amazing musician. Love how nonchalant he is while he’s just jamming away, love how he belts out painful notes, and love how adorable/awkward he is with the crowd and the crowd’s applause. He seriously just busts out these guitar riffs without a change in facial expressions, and it made me laugh a few times. I couldn’t help it. Jake is such a talent and it is amazing to listen and watch him perform these songs with such heart and gusto. 

    He sang most of his debut self-titled album, combined with new tracks off his upcoming release, including my favorite “Slumville Sunrise” and my friend’s favorite, “Me and You.” The crowd went insane for “Two Fingers” and “Lightening Bolt,” naturally, but the standout was “Broken.” So vulnerable, so powerful. The song builds and builds and he’s at his most passionate here. I would pay $20 just to hear him sing that one song. 

    So proud of the Bugg. He absolutely killed it. While it seems we’re over the days of being able to have a conversation with Jake before/after gigs, it was great meeting him again, no matter how brief it was!

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